Exhibición en Books People Places en Schöneberg en Berlín. 
Hasta finales de Agosto.

El lunes 8 de Agosto, actividades con niños y adultos a partir de las 15h30
en la librería .

Illusfestivalito Berlin

I am taking part in an exhibition and illustration festival in Berlin from 1-3 July. 
at Teuteburgerplatz, Prenzlauer Berg.

I´ve had the honor to be selected as the illustrator for this year´s poster for El Banco del Libro Best Children´s book selection. 

Picture Book Makers

Picture Book Makers invited me to talk about three of my books.
Etranges Creatures, Objets Perdus and Amis Retrovés 

coming out in february

The second part of Objets Perdus: Amis Retrouvés .


A bit late to post this, but just to show how mice the bazar in the my Atelier was:

Artist Notebook

Carolina Amell from Monsa Ediciones invited me to submit some of my sketchbook illustrations for the Artist Notebook book
I was travelling, so I did not have the best material to submit.. still, I was very happy that she still published my submissions. 

workshops with Watermelon BIRDS

This weekend I took part of some experimental workshops still in process by Sabina Abdulajeva & Violeta Lopiz.

watermelon birds 



muestra colectiva en Barcelona

el viernes 6 es la inauguración de una muestra colectiva 
de cerámica e ilustración .